I'm an actor whose first break was as an orphan in "Annie" at San Bernadino CLO. In one scene I morphed into the Star To Be, singing about NYC. From that moment on, I knew New York was for me!

I hopped on a plane, got into some auditions, and ended up getting work all over the country. Still, I wanted to focus on New York, and I was able to book gigs Off Broadway and beyond, creating wild and wonderful characters for new musicals and plays. I won the NYMF Award for my role as Jeanine, a lesbian nun with a penchant for pop music in "The Tragic and Horrible Life of the Singing Nun," and I recently served up some sass as Truvy in "Steel Magnolias."

In the midst of all this delicious theatre, I fell in love with film and won the NYU Craft Award for acting in Sincerely Yours. And then web series started to boom, and I booked the role of rough and tumble real estate agent, Joey, in the charming web series, Human Telegraphs (coming soon).

I created the web series Laura Loves NY as a way to share my love of the city with others.  The show keeps growing with each new guest, and it delights me to discover what other people love about New York too.

If there's anywhere you'd like to see in NYC, drop me a line at